Taiwan-Philippines International Conference on Slopeland Disaster Prevention
•​Release Date: October 23, 2018

Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan held the “2018 Taiwan-Philippines International Conference on Slopeland Disaster Prevention” at the Palais de Chine Hotel in Taipei on October 23, 2018. A total of 15 experts and scholars in the relevant field of slopeland disasters from the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia and Taiwan were invited so as to discuss issues related to the prevention and control of slopeland disasters. A heated discussion was done by the industry-government-university and international experts in the conference to enhance the domestic skills of disaster prevention and risk management mechanism, and to share the efforts and experience of Taiwan’s slopeland disasters in the past with the New Southbound Policy countries, as well as furthering the goal of disaster prevention.

Jack Lee Chen-Yang, Director of the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Council of Agriculture, indicated that Taiwan’s achievements in technical research and practical implementation of soil and water conservation and slopeland disaster prevention had been deemed effective. This international conference focused on the research of prevention of slopeland disasters, climate change and disaster prevention strategies and application of observation technique, decision support and emergency response issues in the New Southbound Policy countries, hoping that through the presentations and comprehensive discussions among scholars and experts at home and abroad, the countries would acquire more specific advices on the implementation of slopeland disaster prevention technology based upon mutual exchange of experience, and to communicate on the latest international technology, instrument research and development and study results through comprehensive discussions, thereby expanding opportunities of cooperation and technology output, and assisting domestic industries in broadening new southbound business opportunities.

The Soil and Water Conservation Bureau expressed that the Bureau had set a medium and long term plan to gradually promote the investigation of disaster prevention and mitigation for slopeland disasters, mapping the affection scope and risk assessment of collapse, the types of extreme weather, observing and establishing long-term or regular monitoring systems of slopeland disasters, developing early warning and emergency evacuation systems, which were all aimed at constructing a complete slopeland smart disaster prevention mechanism, that was, in the case of an increase in the frequency of extreme weather, the “integrated disaster prevention” should be taken into account, so as to continue to strengthen the slopeland of which disasters may occur. The “settlement” should be the core in order to ensure the safety and security of the people’s lives and property, further, with the disaster management-based method, all kinds of software and hardware should be used to reduce the possible disaster risks. Such relevant technologies and industries were expected to be transmitted to the New Southbound Policy countries through international conferences.