The different type of meetings of the Federation are as follows.

  1. General Meeting
    General Meeting is the highest level of meeting which has the supreme authority over the Federation compared to other types of meeting. It is held at least once every two (2) years and shall be organized at such time as the Council shall deem advisable but not later than the month of October.
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting
    An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time upon written request of a majority of the Council members or not less than one third of the total voting membership of the Federation which must represent at least four (4) countries.
  3. Council Meeting
    Council Meeting serves as the regular gathering of the Council members and is called as often as it is necessary but not less than twice in a calendar year.
  4. Executive Committee Meeting
    Executive Committee (ExeCom) Meeting may be convened as deemed necessary. Based on present arrangements, ExeCom Meetings are organized in appropriate time slots within the scheduled Council meetings and other related events discussing specific priority agenda or topic that are of relevance at the executive level.
  5. Other Committee and Working Group Meetings
    Other Committee and Working Group Meetings are gatherings of members of the Council or appointment holders of duly constituted clusters or teams so created to further specific aims of the Federation. The members are either appointed and/or nominated by the President and the members of the Council, respectively.