The objectives of the Federation are as follows:


  1. To promote and advance the science, practice and application of land surveying and geomatics for the advancement of humankind;

  3. To foster regional cooperation and transfer of knowledge;

  5. To encourage exchanges between institutions, organizations and bodies with responsibility for the practice of land surveying and geomatics;

  7. To share and disseminate information on land surveying, geomatics and related matters affecting the profession;

  9. To educate and seek to improve, extend and elevate the scientific, technical and general knowledge of members and persons concerned with land surveying and geomatics;

  11. To serve as a focal point for exchange and sharing of information and knowledge related to land surveying and geomatics in ASEAN;

  13. To conduct encourage and collate research in land surveying and geomatics; and

  15. To cooperate, as may seem conducive to any of these objects, with national, regional and international organizations and to support and complement their work.