The Council of ASEAN FLAG, through its President, Randolf Sevidal Vicente, conferred Honorary Presidents at the Hotel Amara, Singapore on 05 December 2018. The event was organized by virtue of the relevant provisions of the New Constitution of the ASEAN FLAG.

The ceremony included the bestowal of Certificates of Recognition for their significant contribution and immense dedication toward excellent leadership and good governance as Presidents during their respective tenure of leadership. Each Honorary President was also given Medallion of Excellence as a symbol of leadership beyond ordinary standards of performance. Short messages were delivered by each Conferee every after each award.

Honorary Presidents who are present during the occasion were: HP Rudolf Matindas (2001-2003, Indonesia), HP Pingeran Matusin Matasan (2005-2007 and 2013-2015, Brunei Darussalam), HP See Seng Guan (2007-2009, Singapore), HP Diah Kirana Kresnawati (2009-2011, Indonesia), and HP Wicha Jiwalai (2011-2013, Thailand). HP Matindas was conferred immediately after the Council meeting 04 December 2018 due to an early flight schedule back to Jakarta, Indonesia.

President Randy expressed his gratitude to all the conferees for continuously supporting the Council in all its endeavors pursuant to the purposes of the Federation.  He announced that: The same occasion will be organized during the future Council meetings for Honorary Presidents who were not able to attend the occasion.