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In a few decades, the majority of the people will live in urban areas. Already now, most of the world’s megacities are located in the coastal zone and many of these are situated in large deltas. It is there, where land and large water bodies meet, that sustainable development is under high pressure.

The host country for FIG Working Week 2020 the Netherlands has a long history of dealing with the challenges of building and managing a densely populated coastal country, with a land area of which nearly half is below sea level.  The Dutch have an extensive experience in this field.

Surveyors have played a crucial role in land and water management. Their role is even more crucial today when we have to protect our countries from the effects of sea- level rise, floods and droughts and other natural disasters caused by climate change. Protection of nature and natural resources demands our attention and asks us to act now. This requires smart surveyors and integrated approaches for sustainable land and water management.

Source: http://www.fig.net/fig2020/index.htm