The thrusts of the Council for AY 2017-2019 are as follows: (a) adopt a transformative setup to accomplish the current tasks and to embrace the new challenges; (b) continue the unfinished businesses of the past administration; (c) shift to accomplish priority initiatives based on the objectives of the Federation; (d) strive for the advancement of science, technology and application of surveying and geomatics; (e) strengthen cooperation and closer fellowship; and (f) pursue a strong representation in the region to reach the platform of the ASEAN Secretariat.

Based on these thrusts, the following priorities were programmed to be carried out and accomplished within AY 2017-2019.

Strategic Plan Formulation
Unification of CPD Credit Units
Review and Assessment of FAMRSQ*
Virtual Library Development
Enhancement of Website
Young ASEAN Surveyors Network
Organizational Capacity Building
Regional Unification Initiative
Special Project Implementation

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
  2. Land Governance
  3. UN-Global Geospatial Information Management
  4. Publications/Newsletter
  5. Others